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SRQ’s steering group

SRQ’s steering group consists of SRQ’s register holder (who serve as chairman of the steering group), SRF’s chairman, representatives of various health professions and the patient association and the quality managers from the country’s six health care regions. The steering group’s assignment consists of deciding on the register’s function, strategy and development.

Register holder/chairman

Lotta Ljung
E-mail: lotta.ljung@regionstockholm.se


Swedish Association for Rheumatology (SRF)

Cecilia Carlens
E-mail: cecilia.carlens@regionstockholm.se 

The Swedish Rheumatism Association



The Swedish Rheumatism Association

Madeleine Beermann
E-mail: madeleine.beermann@ungareumatiker.se


Swedish Association of Occupational Therapy

Malin Regardt
E-mail: malin.regardt@regionstockholm.se


The Association of Rheuma-nurses in Sweden (FRS)

Marie-Louise Karlsson
E-mail: marie-louise.karlsson@regionstockholm.se

Swedish Association of Physiotherapists

Sofia Hagel
E-mail: sofia.hagel@skane.se 


Quality manager for region Norra

Ewa Berglin
E-mail: Ewa.Berglin@regionvasterbotten.se

Quality manager for region Södra

Tor Olofsson
E-mail: tor.o.olofsson@skane.se


Quality manager for region Stockholm

Liselotte Tidblad
E-mail: liselotte.tidblad@regionstockholm.se


Quality manager for region Västra Götaland

Christina Dackhammar
E-mail: christina.dackhammar@vgregion.se

Quality manager for region Sydöstra

Michael Ziegelasch
E-mail: michael.ziegelasch@regionostergotland.se


Quality manager for region Mellansverige

Ann Knight
E-mail: ann.knight@akademiska.se