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Move a patient

Remember to never share a patient’s social security number when contacting us via e-mail.

Do this:

Send an e-mail to info@srq.nu with the following information:

  1. Patient-ID
  2. Move from clinic
  3. Move to clinic

Someone at the office will perform the move in the register as soon as possible, and you will receive a confirmation e-mail when it is completed.

If you don’t know the patient’s Patient-ID, do this:

1. Log in to SRQ and click your way to “New patient”.

2. Write the patient’s personal ID-number in the search bar located on the page.

3. A red dialog box pops up containing which clinic the patient belongs to and what Patient-ID the patient has.

4. Click on the link on the same page, “Send email” Then a new email window will open with a formulated email. Name the clinic to which you want the patient to be moved to and send the email.