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About SRQ


The Swedish Rheumatology Quality Register (SRQ) is a nationwide quality register with the aim of continuously improving the treatment and follow-up of patients with rheumatic disease.

SRQ works by physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists from various rheumatologic receptions in the country inserting visitor data in the register.

You contribute to a better care!

By joining SRQ, you contribute to improving care within rheumatology. Participation in the register is voluntary and does not affect the care you receive. The data is used to compare the care between different hospitals and healthcare providers around the country. The health care providers then use the results in improvement work.


SRQ is used in many research projects each year. By analyzing register data, researchers can draw conclusions about how the rheumatic diseases arise and develop, and the outcome of different treatments. Thanks to this research, our knowledge increases and rheumatological care is improved.

Data recorded

We want to register information that is important for your follow-up and for the quality of care. This applies to your social security number, your healthcare contacts within rheumatology, your diagnosis, your treatment, your test results and your own assessment or experience of your health.

Our responsibility

We make sure that your information in SRQ is protected. Your information in the quality register may only be used to develop and secure the quality of care for rheumatic disease and for research. If information is to be disclosed, a confidentiality check is required.

Your rights

You always have the right to cancel the registration in SRQ. You also have the right to know what is registered about you and to get incorrect or incomplete information corrected.

Laws and regulations

The handling of data in the register is governed by the legislation such as the Data Protection Regulation, the Patient Data Act and the Public Access and Secrecy Act.

Central authority responsible for personal data for SRQ is Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. Your healthcare provider (county councils or equivalent) is responsible for the personal data handling in connection with information about you being collected for SRQ.

Contact us

If you want more information about SRQ, you can contact your health care provider or Lotta Blom, national quality coordinator at SRQ, phone: 072-254 21 55, e-mail: ann-charlotte.blom@regionstockholm.se.