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PER – Patient’s Self Registration


The Patient’s Self Registration is a computer service where the patient answers questions about his or her health before the healthcare meeting. The questions concern, among other things, level of pain, quality of life and what the patient can manage in his or her everyday life.

You can answer the questions at home on your own computer or on the reception computer that has a touch screen.

The benefits of PER are many:

  • You can easily follow the course of the disease and see the treatment effects.
  • You become more involved in your own care, which can give better treatment effect and results of rehabilitation.
  • With the overview you get, it becomes easier to follow and understand your illness.
  • When the routine questions have been answered in PER, there will be more time for other questions and discussions at the doctor’s visit.
  • Registration in PER is a good support for the continued treatment, which you and your doctor decide on.

How to use PER

You can register PER in different ways. The easiest way is to log in to PER via srq.nu before the visit, but you can also log in via 1177 or register PER at the reception before the visit on a screen or a paper form.

Option 1: Answer the questions from home via SRQ

Click Login, and then follow the instructions.

Option 3: Answer the questions on a screen at the reception

  1. Arrive well before your doctor’s visit and sit at the reception’s touch screen, expecting it to take about 15 minutes.
  2. Enter your Social Security number and press Login.
  3. Follow the instructions and answer the questions by touching the screen. Ask the staff if you need help!

Option 2: Answer the questions from home via 1177

  1. Log in to 1177 Vårdguidens e-services (the link takes you to the Swedish version of 1177).
  2. Click on Alla övriga tjänster below the headline Övriga tjänster.
  3. Choose Registrera i PER below the headline PER Reumatologi. Follow the instructions.

Option 4: Answer the questions on a form at the reception

Arrive well in advance of your doctor’s visit, so you can fill in PER in peace and quiet. You can collect the form at checkout.