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SRQ’s quality group

SRQ’s quality group consists of two members from each of the country’s six health care regions. The quality group works with the registry’s quality issues, such as optimal coverage and registration with as good data quality as possible.


Region Norra

Region manager Ewa Berglin
E-mail: Ewa.Berglin@regionvasterbotten.se

Regional quality coordinator Elisabeth Åström
E-mail: elisabeth.astrom@regionvasterbotten.se


Region Uppsala-Örebro

Region manager Ann Knight
E-mail: ann.knight@akademiska.se

Regional quality coordinator Elisabeth (Lisa) Karlsson
E-mail: elisabeth.karlsson@akademiska.se


Region Stockholm

Region manager Liselotte Tidblad
E-mail: liselotte.tidblad@regionstockholm.se

Regional quality coordinator Inga Lodin
E-mail: inga.lodin@regionstockholm.se


Region Västra Götaland

Region manager Christina Dackhammar
E-mail: christina.dackhammar@vgregion.se

Regional quality coordinator Ellen Jonsson
E-mail: ellen.jonsson@vgregion.se


Region Sydöstra

Region manager Michael Ziegelasch
E-mail: michael.ziegelasch@regionostergotland.se

Regional quality coordinator Anne Hallberg
E-mail: anne.hallberg@regionostergotland.se


Region Södra

Region manager Tor Olofsson
E-mail: tor.o.olofsson@skane.se

Regional quality coordinator Monica Rapp
E-mail: monica.rapp@skane.se