The accumulated number of registered patients divided in RA, early RA, bio-naïve patients, and patients who are no longer treated in the clinic (ended).

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Total RA  Patients  Only early RA   BIO-naive Ended


The distribution of diagnoses in the registry. The bar shows the ratio between women and men with current diagnosis.

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Treatment of early RA patients between 1999 and 2012 (at 12 months of treatment visits).

figur treYear of inclusion

Methotrexate  Methotrexate, Salazopyrin   Salazopyrin

Komb. dmard   Combination of DMARDs, Komb. bio dmard  Combination of DMARDs and Biological treatment



Median disease duration at first visit for all early RA patients, years 1999-2013

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Changes in DAS28 for patients with early RA from baseline to 2 years follow-up, all inclusion years


Nothern    Stockholm   Southeast   South   Uppsala-Örebro   West
MK1   MK3   MK6   MK12   MK24   (MK = monthly monitoring)


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